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Vanguard Waterproofing Solutions, LLC is your Atlanta waterproofing expert.


Welcome to Vanguard Waterproofing Solutions

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True to our namesake, at Vanguard Waterproofing Solutions we’re committed to quickly and effectively solving issues and providing detailed solutions, on-demand, and of the utmost caliber. As veterans of the industry, we’re experienced in a multitude of different waterproofing disciplines, enabling us to see pathways and resolutions where others see roadblocks. Furthermore, our reputation for excellence is punctuated by our holistic approach to problem-solving and unwavering commitment to providing outstanding customer service. As a locally owned and operated establishment, we’re acutely aware of the clients who keep us in business. At Vanguard, we embody the perfect balance between local spirit and global thinking. While our self-started grassroots beginnings are what has kept us humbled and revered in the community, it’s our adaptable nature and experience that keep us competitive next to corporate juggernauts.

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Water intrusion poses a massive threat to your home, even when dealing with liquid in
small amounts. Our team at Vanguard is here to mitigate any damage that’s already been accrued
in your home while ensuring other issues do not occur in the interim. As a result, we’re in the
practice of prevention and remediation, restoring harmony and equilibrium to your home in short
order and/or providing pragmatic solutions that keep water damage at bay. We approach every
job with a penchant for thoroughness, and a desire to ensure you receive the industry’s top care.
We hope you don’t encounter water-related damage, and yet, in the unfortunate case that you do,
we at Vanguard will guide you through the process of restoration.

Waterproofing Services we offer to Atlanta's neighborhoods

Below, we’ve provided a short glance directory for you to get a feel of what we at
Vanguard Waterproofing Solutions proudly accommodate. Should you
have any questions regarding any of our services, please refer to the corresponding service page
for more information and/or give us a call today. The best way to receive the most accurate
information is to connect with us and provide more context regarding your needs.

Basement Waterproofing: The basement is one of the home’s most vulnerable spaces regarding
water damage. To prevent exorbitant repair fees, our comprehensive basement waterproofing
plan ensures the safety of your basement at an affordable price point.

Crack Injections: Ceasing waterflow often begins with infusing crack injections into the
foundational core of your home. Cracks can form due to a myriad of different stress factors.
Whatever the issue at hand, our injections will safely eradicate further damage from occurring.

Downspout Inspections: Oftentimes persistent flood issues occur as a result of faulty or
inefficient downspout installation. Our technicians will assess the current state of your
downspouts and decipher if the best course of action involves an installation or repair of the

Sump Pump: Vanguard Waterproofing utilizes the Zoeller M53 pump, an industry highlight that
comes with a 3-year warranty. The sump pump is an effective and efficient way to prevent
basement flooding.

Vapor Barriers: Vapor barriers are yet another effective way to implement water prevention
technology into your home and spaces. We size the barriers according to the dimensions and
specificities of your property, effectively waterproofing your crawlspace and other pertinent
structural features.

Which Service Do I Choose? A Customized Approach

With Vanguard Waterproofing at the helm, you won’t have to worry about investing in
the wrong technology and services. Our technicians are here, not only to install the proper
systems for your home but to also provide you with the necessary information to make informed
choices. You may not be an expert in the waterproofing field, but by the time it’s all said and
done, you’ll have a complete understanding of what methods we’ve implemented and why
they’re effective.

No two homes and no two problems are exactly alike, which is why we offer a curated
selection of services customized to fit your specific needs. Our variety helps customers find the
proper solutions for their space and effectively sets them up with long-term fixes that are built to
last and endure. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than continuously encountering a
problem that you’ve already received numerous repairs for. At Vanguard Waterproofing, we’re
committed to providing the golden standard in repair and refurbishment. In the rare case, we’re
unable to solve the problem the first time around, we will work persistently until the problem
meets the solution. We did not earn our reputation as the best by cutting corners and leaving
customers dissatisfied.

No business is infallible or insulated from ever making mistakes, which is why we stay
up to date on cutting-edge industry tactics and choose to utilize nothing but the best in material,
equipment, and technicians. Every component of our strict regimen has been carefully concocted
to reflect the best in customer services, craftsmanship, and execution. As a result, we are
constantly reinvesting our profits back into our business and equipment to better suit you. We’re
not just about the optics of looking good, we genuinely aim to be Atlanta’s first choice in all its
waterproofing needs.

What does customized and personalized service look like to us? Getting to know our
customers and establishing a rapport of transparency and approachability. We never want you to
feel like you can’t come to us with the extent of the problem. As a result, we get to know you,
your home, and thereafter, draft up the most useful plan based on a litany of intersectional
factors. People are not a monolith, and neither are their homes. That’s why we curate a custom
solution for each home, based on years of experience and not just finding a solution but finding
the solution that makes the most sense.


Pricing That Reflects Skillset and Competitiveness

Contrary to popular belief, the most expensive choice isn’t always the finest. In fact, Vanguard takes pride in providing a necessary service for homeowners that won’t leave their wallets reeling. By nature, our business can get expensive, which is why we take on a no-frills approach to payment and financing that won’t have you crushed by necessary repairs. As a group that values people before profits, we never want to leave people feeling like they’ve been pigeon-holed into paying exorbitant fees.

As such, we’ve worked hard to create pricing that reflects our standing as one of the industry’s best, while remembering that we hold that position thanks to you. We’re constantly looking for ways to mitigate costs where we can and create incentives when possible. If you’re not sure about the financial aspect of our business, we are always open to discussions. As a group that focuses on the solution, we want to implement that practice into all tenants of our business. If cost-effectiveness is your top-priority, we’ll find a solution that’s sensitive to that fact.


What Sets Us Apart From The Other Waterproofing Companies in Atlanta?

In Atlanta alone, we recognize that our customers have numerous choices when hiring a waterproofing specialist. While we strongly assert that our work speaks for itself, there are plenty of reasons why Vanguard is the right choice, not just for you, but for anyone looking for equitable and exemplary waterproofing care. It’s not just that we do things better, it’s that we do things differently too. Our innovative approach to waterproofing proves there’s a hidden artistry in almost anything seemingly pragmatic. Here are a few (of many) reasons why we think our team of technicians is the right one for you.

Experience- We look at experience as a multi-faceted concept. Experience is understanding what works best from a practical standpoint and being able to recognize effective patterns in the work that we do. That type of muscle memory can only be accrued from years of rendering projects effectively. At the same time, experience is also having the humility and wherewithal to know when adaptability and flexibility are needed. We take on problems as they come, finding step-by-step solutions while still accounting for the overall goal of our projects. 

Customer-Service Oriented- It’s easy to provide impeccable customer service when everything is going according to plan. The true testament of outstanding customer service is knowing how to react and navigate high-stress, tense situations. We’ve found the best way to disarm conflict begins from the moment we enter your door. From the moment we enter your home, we do so with fixation and transparency. There is no other way to deal with our customers, and we strongly believe that effective communication is the most pertinent tool we have when things are going great, but particularly, when they start to get complicated.

Knowledge- Sometimes experience can keep you stuck or believing that innovation and malleability aren’t necessary. At Vanguard, we understand that industry technology can and will change. What was effective 20 years ago, isn’t always the case today. Whether the science is old or new, the best course of action stems from knowing which choice is smarter. We only employ a high-caliber type of technician with the right experience whose willing to also think outside of the box when appropriate. 

Credentials-  Need we say more? Licensed, insured, and all that good stuff. All of our technicians are vetted for safety and quality long before they ever set foot on your property. We’re happy to provide any relevant documentation at your behest.



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We are committed to all of our clients, and look forward to working with you. Questions, comments or special requests? We would love to hear from you. Request a free estimate today!


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