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Downspout Extensions

The Vital Importance of Downspouts

Unless you’ve had to deal with their repair or installation before, there’s a good chance you don’t know what downspouts are, let alone what they do. Yet, that doesn’t stop them from playing an imperative role in the overall functionality of your home. To simplify, a downspout is a drainage system. A relatively simple one at that, however, complications to said system are anything but simple. The downspout consists of several different mechanisms that keep your home and building clear of damage from precipitation. They play into the overall runoff system of your home which almost always includes gutters. The downspout itself is the vertical attachment that leads to the gutter. They transport water from the gutter, down, and away from your building’s foundation.

You’re probably familiar with gutter repair, as gutters are susceptible to damage and very often need to be checked for excess debris. However, it’s not as common for the downspout to get the same attention, although the mechanism plays a key role in the overall function of the system. A downspout can mean the difference between the effective expulsion of water, and major issues down the line. As a result, it’s imperative to check on its health and ensure there are no outstanding problems. 

In order for a downspout to operate at peak functionality, it requires various fortified components. Firstly, an adequate amount of downspouts need to be installed. If the proper amount is not installed, water will pour out of your gutters with little restriction, pummeling over the roof’s edge. On the contrary, downspouts often fail because they are not distanced advantageously away from your property. Getting the water down off of the roof is as important as expelling it away from your structure. Failure to maximize either will result in problems for your downspouts. Furthermore, there is the issue of maintenance. Yes, like nearly all of our home’s functions, regular maintenance and installation at the manufacturer’s request are pivotal.

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How We Help- Extensions and Installations

If a downspout hasn’t been properly installed, you’ll very likely see the remnants of water damage. One of the best and most foolproof solutions to ensure your downspouts are functioning occurs when we install a proper extension line. With extensions, you can rest assured that water is not accumulating and by proxy causing immense damage to your structural health. 

Our Vanguard technicians can quickly diagnose the issue by simply assessing the system. With years of experience as our guiding tenant, we know the difference between a well-kept system and one that is inhibited by poor installation and upkeep. We will help you determine a practical solution based on our professional advice and your home’s health. Thankfully, we can quickly turnover solutions on downspouts by providing repair times within a couple of hours.

Our systems are also installed with tact and precision, ensuring minimal to no impact on the surrounding areas. We bury our pipes at the grade level to ensure you can go about regular maintenance like mowing the lawn peacefully and without the anxiety of puncturing your downspout. Our extensions are punctuated with a pop-up valve that allows for water to expel freely and far from your home.

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