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All You Need to Know Regarding Atlanta Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is one of our most sought-after services, and for good reason. Flooding can happen for a myriad of different reasons, at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, some issues are more grave than others and will require significant investments to correct. For instance, flooding can occur due to an unsuitable housing location, something that’s completely out of your control after your home’s been purchased. Ironically, over time a terrain issue may naturally correct itself, or your home might always be susceptible to flooding. However, it’s not always the bones of your home or the lot that it sits on that causes issues. Poor wall sealing, blocked gutter systems, and improperly installed drainage systems (downspouts) can all lead to flooding. Moreover, there’s never a good time for flooding to occur, but they nevertheless seem to occur when you’re stretched at your thinnest anyway. 

Depending on the state of your basement (finished/unfinished) you can accrue significant damage. Moreover, there are specific issues you’ll face determined by the status of your basement. Regardless, whether your basement is finished or unfinished it will fall victim to the destructive nature of water. When it comes to the risk factors of an unfinished basement, they’re usually at risk of accruing foundational damage due to their less reinforced nature. On the contrary, a finished basement is nothing to gawk at either, as flooding may lead to additional costs and loss of valuables. Whatever way the pendulum swings, you will encounter a series of issues when your basement floods.

Ironically, water, the very thing that keeps us alive, is also the culprit for long-term, irrevocable damage. Too many homeowners cross their fingers hoping that the issue will figure itself out. However, if left unattended to, your issues will almost always get worse. Furthermore, many people are not financially in a place to lose significant portions of their basement. With that said, they might be in a financial place where preventative flooding measures can ward off flooding or mitigate the damage. 

Here’s what we know about basement flooding outside of the obvious. It’s an extremely anxiety-provoking incident that leaves you feeling vulnerable and desperate for repair. That sense of desperation can lead you to the wrong repair specialist and cause you to bypass other pertinent issues. At Vanguard, we want to prevent you from ever encountering that sinking feeling of discovering water, by providing a thorough and comprehensive basement waterproofing plan that keeps you and your home safe.


An Investment Worth Looking Into

Preventative home improvement measures are often a tough sell. And yet ironically, when they’re in a state of panic, homeowners will pay exorbitant amounts of money just to solve the problem by any means possible. Even if that issue could have been easily prevented upfront, saving you thousands of dollars and the inconvenience of a flood. Why should you entertain the idea of basement waterproofing? If you’re not yet sold by the prospect of staving off a flood, here are some other reasons worth considering.

Overall Protection- Here’s the thing about a basement flood, it very rarely JUST affects the basement. One of the key reasons why this type of waterproofing is so important stems from its ability to protect your home’s structural integrity. Moreover, water is a breeding ground for pests, mold, and fungi. A dryer home prevents the aforementioned from taking over. There’s only one thing worse than a flooded basement, and that’s a flooded basement with mold.

Property Value- Most homeowners agree. When it comes time to sell your home, you want to recoup its value and then some. Improvements like basement waterproofing are investments that will pay off over time, no doubt about it. Not only do you benefit from a stronger home you have the added knowledge of being able to advertise this feature should you move in the future. 

Conversions- Speaking of property value, an unfinished basement is worth substantially less than a finished one. Have you not taken the step to finishing your basement due to fears regarding flooding? Our basement waterproofing ensures the safety of your basement from major damages, giving you the opportunity to finally convert the space at your leisure.

And More! The reasons as to why someone would waterproof their basement are varied yet they usually boil down to financial investments, safety prevention, and general aesthetics. Regardless of your motivation, Vanguard will ensure the process goes smoothly, ensuring your basement receives top-of-the-line treatment.


How Vanguard Can Help You

Although there are general guidelines that exist for waterproofing, every home is different and will require its own unique approach. Our ability to curate specific plans based on your basement’s optics and dimensions allows for us to serve you in the most effective way possible. We begin the process by conducting a thorough walkthrough of your space, illuminating certain problem areas, and recommending fixes and solutions based on our professional opinion. From there, we create a plan of action that accounts for the nuances of your home and its structural integrity.

Basement waterproofing can be done in any location, although no two locations are the exact same. As a result, a tactic that might work in one space would be catastrophic if rendered elsewhere. The key to knowing the difference comes in hiring the right team. At Vanguard, we conduct quick and expeditious turnaround times on basement waterproofing, while never compromising quality. With our satisfaction guarantee, we ensure your basement will remain safe and insulated from severe water damage. 

Thankfully our technicians are well versed in countless waterproofing disciplines from applying sealants to installing elite drainage systems, allowing us to fix a multitude of problems. Moreover, we avoid using makeshift materials that look good on the surface but very rarely result in long-term protection. Everything from the materials we use, to the people we hire to install them, are carefully vetted for optimal quality. For basement waterproofing that both looks good and strengthens at the molecular level, trust in Vanguard Solutions.

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