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Our mission is to offer our clients a sound solution to protect their number one investment – their home. We understand that hiring the best contractor to complete a waterproofing project can be intimidating, but we take pride in making our clients feel comfortable by understanding their needs and providing our expert recommendations. 

Our business is built on the foundation of being honest and implementing excellent workmanship. We have over 13 years of experience in the residential waterproofing industry, and our crew is knowledgeable and dependable. Their skills and superior techniques are evident after every project we complete. 

One of the attributes that sets Vanguard apart from other contractors is our excellent customer service. We are always reachable and responsive and treat our clients with fairness and respect. We are here to educate and explain our proposals so our clients have a clear understanding of our work scope. 

Why trust Vanguard Waterproofing? The answer is simple: we are always reliable, experienced and have the best pricing in Atlanta.  Call us today! You will not be disappointed.

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