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Vapor Barrier

Understanding Vapor Barriers and Their Uses

Similar to a lot of terminology surrounding waterproofing, there’s a good chance you may not be familiar with vapor barriers and how they effectively protect your space. Fortunately, our team not only understands vapor barriers but has also worked with them in various scenarios. Understanding one’s need for a vapor barrier helps to gain a bit of knowledge regarding their purpose. In its most general sense, a vapor barrier is any material that is used for damp proofing. In this case, we at Vanguard use our vapor barriers to further reinforce and protect your basement, crawlspace, and other vulnerable spaces from water damage. 

It’s important to have a competent waterproofing expert on hand, given that not all vapor materials function at the same efficacy rate as others. For example, all materials have what is called a moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) that is established by standard testing protocol. Following the testing procedure, these materials are then classified into three subsections impermeable, semi-permeable, and permeable. As a result, it’s crucial that you have a technician who understands the nuances of vapor materials and transmission rates to give you the best protection possible.

Whether you implement a vapor barrier or choose another method of protection, the ability to properly protect a home from accruing water damage really boils down to good design and professional installation. We use practical methods and proven industry techniques to deliver on both promises, ensuring your home is properly protected.


Our Services

We make sure we install the best for you and your home, that's why we use "WhiteCap" vapor barrier products. Vanguard Solutions has custom-curated a solution that we feel is optimized for proficiency. Thanks to years of experience and seeing plenty of vapor barriers in action, we’ve created a standard solution that fits well within the context of many homes. At Vanguard, we use the best vapor barriers when it comes to your house! Depending on the situation at hand we will use 6, 12, and 20 mil vapor barriers contingent on the amount of moisture seeping through the walls and grounds. Obviously, there’s no need to install the highest level of protection if the volume of water accrued is not significant. Essentially, we do our research to determine which barrier makes the most sense for your home and install it based on those standards. Furthermore, we implement our signature 20 mil drainage matting when waterproofing crawlspaces for an extra level of care. As always, we configure the numbers based on the water output and the overall need for protection.

Understanding the nuances behind vapor barriers can feel a bit confusing. Especially if you’ve never heard of vapor barriers, or if you’re unfamiliar with their function and practicality. When we meet with you in person we will further break down the system and help you understand exactly how we create the barrier. Essentially, it’s important to know that our water vapor systems are designed to help mitigate and manipulate how water leaves foundation walls and migrates into the basement space or a designated outside area. It might seem a rather daunting task, but with an increased understanding we can help you determine if it’s the right choice for you.

Vapor barriers can be very helpful in preventing damage and keeping your basement insulated from water. Nevertheless, it’s important to fortify your basement with the proper system be it a sump pump or a vapor barrier. In doing so, we can create a custom plan that utilizes the architecture and structural integrity already in place with proven regulatory systems.

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