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Crack Injections

Crack Injections and Waterproofing Experts

Finding cracks in any area of your home can immediately set off alarm bells. Doubly so when you’re finding these cracks in the foundational walls of your home. Cracks are natural responses to a variety of different stimuli and triggers. Cracks typically occur following  prolonged exposure to pressure. As a result, if left unattended, these cracks can provide hotbeds for water damage. Because cracks form over time, they’re typically vulnerable to water damage especially precipitation. Essentially, rainwater can wreak havoc on your cracks. 

While a crack itself might be initially avoidable, it’s the aftermath that can turn catastrophic. It’s not just the wear and tear of your foundation that you’ll need to worry about, but also the chance for mold and fungi to flourish. Certain types of mold flourish in deep, dark crevasses, proving excellent places for exponential growth.


A Smart and Rapid Solution

The beauty of crack injections comes in their ability to act rapidly. Crack injection is both simple and fast yet offers a suitable solution for keeping damage at bay. While it’s typically preferable to apply our solution in dry environments, we’ve worked through our fair share of less than ideal scenarios, providing effective treatment in delicate circumstances. 

The process itself takes very little time and yet yields massive results. Crack injections allow for a fortified repair without having to undergo massive structural changes to your basement. It’s not as expensive as other techniques, and yet, when properly installed it can be just as effective. 

What we do is inject a foam polyurethane solution into the crack. From there, the solution works naturally with the forces at play, expanding and filling to prevent further issues. The expanding form will completely fill to the brim, preventing any future water leaks from occurring. Water will no longer be able to penetrate your basement wall, a key contributor to your home’s overall structural health. While there are other methodologies for crack injections, the industry-standard upholds liquid urethane as the most viable solution, and one we have found the most success with.

These repairs are also pleasantly fast. Results can be seen in an hour with typical 8-foot foundation cracks. The solution works quickly to permeate and expand within your walls. As a result, there is no need for any kind of chiseling, drilling, or major foundational repairs. The low viscosity of the solution makes it a contender to fix even small hairline cracks with ease.

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Avoid Do-It-Yourself Kits with Our Affordable Repair

Do-it-yourself projects have become all the rage in home improvement. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as certain home improvement solutions are easy to carry out with minimal consequence and experience. While we would never discourage anyone from trying their hand at general home improvements, to get the most out of your repairs and proofing, we recommend you enlist a professional team like ours at Vanguard. We’re equipped and experienced, allowing us to conduct this simple repair with no errors. When executed by a professional you won’t have to worry about spending more on potential fixes. We already offer the service at an affordable rate that we can guarantee is effective.

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