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Atlanta's Top Choice For Waterproofing

Our Services and How They Improve Your Space

Before we explain a bit more about the services we offer, it’s always beneficial for our customers to know the when, where, why, and what to expect of our specific waterproofing services. In certain cases, knowing you need a waterproofing specialist will be a no-brainer. It doesn’t take a specialist to see the water damage or observe the overflow. However, many of our services will help you prevent any long-term water damage from occurring in your space. While certain issues might seem relatively innocuous we always encourage our customers to remember the following about water. Even a minuscule amount of water can wreak havoc on your home. Especially water damage that remains unchecked for extended periods. With our waterproofing services, we specialize in helping our customers with measures both preventative and restorative, ensuring you’re met with solutions on both sides of the issue. If you’ve ever been disillusioned by previous  technicians, we’re here to offer you an exemplary standard of service customized for your specific needs. We view each problem through a holistic lens, enabling us to choose the best service for your space based on a myriad of factors.

Choosing the Right Service

As you read more about our services, you might become even more confused about which one makes the most sense for you. No worries, that’s why the team at Vanguard is here to help you get on the right track. We believe that each home should be equipped with the proper solution that makes the most sense for its specific issues and infrastructure. We’re not in the business of siphoning off our most expensive repairs on customers just to accrue a profit. Contrarily, we believe in finding a suitable solution that our customers seek to benefit from in the long term. As a result, we are not afraid to spend time investigating the issue and deciphering which course of action makes the most sense. We’ll provide all the context and information necessary for you to make informed choices about your home and finances.

When it comes to our services, we understandably receive a significant number of inquiries regarding pricing. We’ve created pricing on all of our services that reflects industry standards, fair labor costs, and our high caliber of service. At the same time, we protect our customers from surprise fees by offering upfront estimates that only change should there be a rare unforeseen circumstance. Regardless, we will constantly keep you informed about your service and what to expect when it comes to timelines, pricing, and any other pertinent information.

The 5 W’s of Our Service

Who: We service Atlanta and the greater metropolitan area. Moreover, we travel across the metro area at no extra cost to you. Not sure if you fit into our boundaries? Contact us today and we’ll see what we can do for you.

What: Word-class waterproofing services that implement innovative technology. Installed by experts in the craft, we offer various services designed to fit intuitively with your home’s structure. We also offer repairs, in addition to preventative, and restorative measures.

When: When you need it! We’re busy but organized, and often have emergency availability for those in dire straits.

Where: YOUR home, we work with a number of real estate agents and property management companies to assure that homes are ready to sell and/or habitable.

Why: Because you deserve the best waterproofing technology available, and Vanguard is here to provide it.


A crack on a foundation wall can be a very intimidating picture to a new homeowner. These cracks can form over time allowing water to penetrate during heavy rain periods. The water intrusion can cause mold over time if left unattended. A crack injection is a simple and fast solution to this problem. Crack injections can be applied when the crack is dry and free of moisture for better results. We inject a liquid urethane solution into a wall leak that fills and expands to prevent future leaks.

Crack injection


Many homes in Atlanta are built on a crawl space. These unfinished areas can be open spots for pests and water to intrude into your home causing damage to your property and build mold that cannot be seen until it is too late. Encapsulating a crawl space will cover your grounds, walls and columns with a vapor barrier that will protect your home against moisture build up. Vanguard is one of the very few contractors that uses a dimpled waterproofing matting that serves as extra protection when waterproofing a crawlspace. This material helps reduce the chance of debris puncturing through the vapor barrier.



Extending a downspout far from your home’s foundation can be the answer to water finding its way into your home. Call a Vanguard technician to inspect your home's downspouts and provide you with their expert advice. Our systems can be put in place in a matter of hours and have very little impact on your personal space. We always bury our pipes under the grade level, so you can mow your lawn without worry of damaging the pipe. A pop-up valve is used to allow the water to flow freely at the end point of the line.

Downspout Ext2.JPG
Downspout Ext4.JPG
Downspout Ext3.JPG


At Vanguard Waterproofing, we use the Zoeller M53 pump that comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. It is designed with a cast iron switch case, motor and pump housing and offers reliable, trouble-free operation. The motor is thermally protected to prevent overheating. We install our pumps in a 18”x20” perforated basin, and we also offer trip alarms that will sound off if the pump fails. This can be the difference between a flooded basement or avoiding water damage to property.

Pump & Basin1.JPG


Vapor barriers are used to prevent any moisture from damaging your property. We use  6, 12 and 20 mil vapor barriers depending on the amount of moisture seeping in through walls or grounds. At Vanguard, we use 20 mil drainage matting when waterproofing a crawl space based on the amount of dampness in the area.

Vapor barrier1.JPG
Vapor barrier2.JPG
Vapor barrier3.JPG
Basement Waterproofing
Crack Injectons
Crawlspace Waterproofing
Downspout Extensions
Sump Pump
Vapor Barrier


Coming home to a flooded basement can be a real nightmare for any homeowner.  The clean up alone can be frustrating, not to mention the loss of valuable personal property.  Vanguard understands the importance of properly waterproofing a basement so that it never experiences water intrusion again.  We provide clients our expert advice and draft an effective plan of action to resolve water problems.

Basement 1.JPG
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