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Cracking the Crack Injection code

If your home has a basement, you will eventually notice vertical, hairline crack lines along your foundation walls. Concrete cracks are typical and they develop over time as your home's foundation settles. These hairline cracks can widen and allow water to leak in which can result in threatening mold build up or structural damage. Fortunately these cracks can easily be repaired and sealed to stop water intrusion by applying a foam polyurethane solution that expands and seals voids in the crack and stop moisture from seeping through. One thing to note is that the crack has to be completely dry in order for the solution to bond and perform

effectively. When you call Vanguard Waterproofing for an inspection, we will not push on you an expensive, unnecessary basement waterproofing fix if we feel that a simple solution such as a crack injection will solve your problem. Our team is honest and here to educate homeowners so they can take the best course of action to alleviate their specific concern.

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