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Holy smokes! Where did all this water come from!?

Small leaks in a basement wall or foundation can seem like something minor that you can just clean up, but if left untreated you could be coming home to a major disaster. Sure, you can call a water clean up crew to install industrial air mover fans and have the water dried up in 48 hours, but the fact is that the problem still persists. When you call the technicians at Vanguard Waterproofing, they will recommend the best solution to fix your basement's water intrusion. In some cases, waterproofing your basement from the inside is the least costly solution that will carry a lifetime warranty and we guarantee that your basement will be dry after any rain. We install a pipe and gravel system along the perimeter of your basement wall in the problem area

and this system will collect any moisture coming through the wall and running down behind the moisture barrier we install on the walls. The water/moisture then exits the house via a gravity drain or sump pump if needed. We have over 13 years of experience and are highly qualified to tackle a situation like this. Call us today for a free consultation 770-722-9373

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